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FontOOo is an wizard simplifying the downloading and installation of selected, high-quality fonts available on the internet. License restrictions prevent these fonts from being directly shipped as part of but do allow end-user installation and use for no cost.
Based on previously selected font packages, FontOOo will connect on mirrors to let you choose the fonts you want to download and install.

FontOOo only installs fonts for and doesn't perform any OS level font installation.

FontOOo is from now on integrated into It has been found stable on many systems but some work perharps still may be done...
You'll find here all the necessary stuff to use it.

Fell free to contact me if you encounter any problem.

Main features

You can also read the english tutoriel Stéphane Purnelle wrote.

Thanks to Kevin Hendricks for its msfontextract utility and to all translators.