Batch OOo document conversions

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BatchConv is a batch tool allowing conversion of a file list from and to any supported import/export file formats.
This macro based wizard asks for a file list and the target directory and file format. It will then loop over the list and use Ooo import/export capabilities to process the documents.

Screen shoot

Export format is the same for all the selected files. To remove a file from the list, just double-click on it. PDF and Flash are only supported since 1.1 version of
Thanks to Cédric Durmont for the option to add an entire directory in the file list.

Feel free to report any bug, remark to


If you want BatchConv speaking your language, feel free to translate the following sentences and the sxw file and thed them back to

traduction(0)="BatchConv - 1.5"
traduction(1)="Choose a file"
traduction(3)="Add this file to the list"
traduction(4)="Export to"
traduction(5)="Each converted file in the source directory"
traduction(6)="All converted files in the same directory"
traduction(7)="Select a file in the target directory"
traduction(9)="Export List"
traduction(10)="Empty List"
traduction(11)="Choose an export format"
traduction(12)="Choose a target directory"

traduction(0)="BatchConv - 1.5"
traduction(1)="Choisir un fichier"
traduction(3)="Ajouter ce fichier au traitement"
traduction(4)="Exporter vers"
traduction(5)="Chaque fichier dans son répertoire d'origine"
traduction(6)="Tous les fichiers dans le même répertoire"
traduction(7)="Sélectionner un fichier dans le répertoire désiré"
traduction(10)="Liste vide"
traduction(11)="Choisir un format d'export"
traduction(12)="Saisir un répertoire de destination"

This utility is under LGPL license.