Programmation – Macros et API


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We are pleased to announce the publication at Editions Eyrolles of the book

"Programmation - Macros et API"
by Bernard Marcelly and Laurent Godard
ISBN : 2-212-11763-9
724 pages. is a free productivity suite provided with the script language OOoBasic and an API which can handle its objects. Thus being automatable and adaptable it can seamlessly integrate with the information system of a company.

The aim of this book is both to guide users who discover macros and programming, and to provide advanced users with a synthetic document on API. These users may eventually translate the Basic language examples into other languages, Python for example.

The book tackles the various aspects of programming in a progressive manner but the user wishing to study a particular suject can directly access it thanks to the well detailed Table of Contents and Index.
At each step a typical macro example is given and explained : in total more than 350 complete macros were created to that end !

The table of contents and some chapters are available on the web site

The authors hope that this book will be useful to a good many people by exposing the workings of API but also and above all by giving the reader capacities to go forward in its discovery. is a great undertaking. The casual user who invests in its API and macros will find a dynamic project and will be very quickly able to contribute. The professional will get the opportunity to use a complete framework.

The authors,
Bernard Marcelly et Laurent Godard