OOo is too serious of a thing not to have fun with !

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LeBOOolier is macro as well as all the other present ones on this site. Indeed, it exploits the API one of OpenOffice.org, uses the language OOoBasic programming, and is achievable only by one file OpenOffice.orgDraw.

I will as explain you briefly and clearly as possible the principle and the operation of LeBOOolier.

How to Play

Collect the green balls in the basket at the bottom to get the most possible points.



The more you collect balls in a column, the faster they can get... and thus you get more points. The lost balls automatically start again when you miss them (and don't get any points for them) or at the end of 3 seconds. You can still get points for the lost ball. The high scores are entered only in competition mode.

Please Note

LeBOOolier is translated into 7 languages :

This game is provided under licence LGPL.